if religion doesn’t mean anything to you, then let your family do the rituals. easy

Ah – unbaptised kids; there’s a point we would differ I think. I don’t have kids, so I don’t know _exactly_ what I would do, but I suspect I’d move in this manner:

a) Friends/family complain, “Your kids aren’t baptised! Why they should….[x, y, z] for the reasons of [a, b, c]”

b) I research the rituals. Will they cause mental or bodily harm?

c) If no, then I’d say, “Ok, Go ahead.”

d) I’d go through whatever prerequisite training was required for the learning experience, participate in the rituals, etc.

e) do the baptism.

f) Then go on my merry way without the social pressure.

I don’t like social pressure and if the ritual makes them happy, then I’d just go do it and make the most of it.

By rejecting it and arguing over it, I’d be giving it meaning and power.

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