If it's TRUE that that light

^If it's true that that light (or anything travelling at that speed) does not experience any passage of time – then that explains the wave/particle duality. We see each photon as it hits the target – but the photons experience only the "completed product" – what it will look like when all the particles arrive – a wave. We are "slow energy" – we see things in extremely slow motion compared to how light or energy "sees" things. It's not that the light "knew" ahead of time where it belonged in the wave pattern – rather, it found its spot 'instantly' from its perspective – so the passage of time between successive photons doesn't matter from the photons perspective, allowing it to create a wave pattern whether a whole bunch hit at once, or one every 2 minutes – it will still form the same interference pattern. I may be 100% wrong about this but it's what I suddenly wondered…^

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