If it’s trendy, it means the world caught up with me. Finally.

I like being trendy but I still don’t know how what I wrote is trendy. I’ve used analogies to understand things as long as i can remember and I’ve always had that, “everything’s possible” attitude.

Just my nature. If it’s trendy, it means the world caught up with me. Finally.


Although, I passed any interest in crystal-healing-powers back in 1984-5 but I *did* wear an Egyptian galabiyah for Halloween somewhere in the mid 80s.

My mom was married to an Egyptian for a couple of years then and he brought it back for me as a present. Comfy. Looked new agey. Egyptian cotton.

She kept the last name. Bekheet ’cause she liked how it flows when she writes it out.

My grandmother was into Edgar Cayce and “ancient astronauts”.

They LOOKED normal but in retrospect, they were closet eclectic.

In short, it’s my upbringing. Sorry. Lifer whether I like it or not.


I’ve been collecting my personal history for about 2 yrs. Right now, I found some pieces of a calendar from 1996 where I wrote down every day my adventures with friends. Going to transcribe them somewhere. Project I’m on. You inspired a few more stories to come out just now.

Sarcasm is just saying the opposite of what you mean. Dry wit might take intelligence but sarcasm? You just have to say the opposite. Not much more than that. Starbucks girls engage in sarcasm all the time.



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