If it’s for “look what you’ve made me do” reasons though

If it’s for “look what you’ve made me do” reasons though, join the Peace Corp or a random monastery (any religion).

or: hold onto this feeling. Get determined to get SO RICH for your eventual payback that you will do ANYTHING to make this payback happen.

Build your credit. Start a business. Several businesses. Beat the stock market. Real estate. Build an empire. Go full sociopath.

THEN payback. You can afford it then.


WAIT! You’re in Canada? Forget getting rich. Start a cult in the woods.


Cleaning toilets is relaxing. Demote/promote to middle management instead.
All the responsibilities, no power and no pay, Kenneth, you are a savage

If you’re gonna revenge at all, make it count.


I’ve been accused of many things through the years. Just how it is. If someone wants to make it their life goal to take offense, they can. Should I return their offense by being offended at their offense? Seems like joining in to me.


If there’s no crime, then admitting to a non-crime is also empty.

0+0=0. In short, it’s an empty game on all sides. I don’t see any point in being upset over nothing.


“Does this dress I bought make me look fat?” [not a real question]
“No, honey, you look beautiful.”. [not a real answer].

It’s all empty social games. Why be mad at empty social games?



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