if I woke up and found out I was the only person left…

Well, it would take a long time to find out if I was.
In the meantime, once I realized I was the only person left on a local level, I’d build up supplies and figure out how to run the power generators. That’d be the first step.


“How would you feel and what would you do if you woke up one day and were the only person left on Earth?”

a) I would “feel” like I should do something to continue living.
b) I would gather resources to attempt to continue the basics of life-as-I -remember it.
c) Food, getting electricity started, water supplies.
d) From there, once I have some sense of SAFETY and security, I would develop a routine in order to learn everything possible about anything until I die.


Once I reached survivability:
I’d break down and cry and mourn no longer being able to depend on anybody else ever again for anything at all.

I’d have to do it myself.

Whatever it was.

I’d have no one to bounce ideas off of, like I do right here in this group or in real life.

No Google to look up answers ’til I got to California and turned their servers back on again.

No Internet ’til I put it back together again.

I’d do a lot of writing. Incessant writing. I’d do it for myself just in case I forgot anything. I’d do it for any POTENTIAL alien visitors or human survivors but again, since in this question they absolutely don’t exist, I’d be doing it for myself and to reinforce my own memory.

Once I got the Internet running again, ,I’d visit everything I could and start my lifelong learning process. It will keep me occupied and I will decide to figure out “all the answers” before I die. It will keep me busy.


No, I just want the information from as much of the Internet that I can.

The Internet Archive has a good portion of the web archived. I just need their servers to start with.

I don’t care about the infrastructure of the web. It’s the data, which is simply stored on hard drives and I would access those hard drives from their sources. I’d live with the servers as long as I needed them.


My first priority would be to gather MY stuff.
I have some stuff archived there already: My Vines :
https://archive.org/details/kennethudut&tab=about – 10,000 of them are there.

I also have http://icopiedyou.com which is another archive of my brain online.

I have to take care of NOT losing my own history first.

Then, once that is secured, I can explore new knowledge.


I don’t want to travel. I want security. I’m assuming animals and plants are still alive, so they become my worry. Plus the weather.


If I learn enough, I could figure out a teleportation device and learn enough about medicine to extend my own life a few decades longer, as I’d have access (once I learn how to power everything easily) to any equipment anywhere, assuming the supplies haven’t decayed.


You already removed all life globally and are talking about alien rescues. I think I can imagine being able to invent a teleportation device, figuring out free energy, and life extension beyond normal limits as I’d ONLY have to worry about “getting it right” for myself and nobody else.


best part and worst part of it is? There will be nobody to tell me I’m doing it wrong. No critics.

[and also, no critics]


There’s critics and a society that binds me to obligations. I do the best I can within the parameters I’m allowed.


Also, as you can see, I like socializing online. I will miss that. I could give up socializing online and pursue those things but then I’d miss socializing online.



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