if I was a lawyer required to defend a known murderer/rapist/soldier criminal?


  • I’d advise them to plead guilty and accept lesser charges and not go to court. This would be both for my client’s benefit and also for my own benefit, as I would look terrible in court trying to defend crimes like that.

    But if I had to go to trial?

    If I believed he was guilty, I would do everything that was required but no more. I wouldn’t botch the case but I wouldn’t be passionate either. I would just go through the technicalities and hope that the jury (if it’s a jury trial) weren’t a bunch of idiots.

    I would be personally ethically guilty of evil however. That of apathy.
    If at some future time, I was found guilty of crimes for having even defended the man I was required to (due to a change in government or whatever), I would accept my sentencing.


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