If I could eliminate three things

^If I could eliminate three things from humanity:

tit-for-tat/small-mindedness/lack-of-perspective/win-the-battle-but-lose-the-war (that would solve every major war and all domestic squabbles),

vagueness/hinting/"you KNOW what I'm really saying, you just pretend to ignore it" /B.S./mind-control – a game that never works (which will instantly improve human communication – elimination of all misunderstandings – clarity), and

manipulation/underhandedness/deviousness/scheming/plotting/hidden agendas (which is related to #1 and #2).

My wishes? Broad perspectives, openness, willingness to understand, judging not by apparent outward behavior (what you see isn't always what really is – "sometimes a cigar is just a cigar" – ) but rather by intrinsic/innate capabilities.

I'd like a world where each person's untapped potential is tapped. I love human ingenuity – I'd tap THAT (sorry for the crude expression but I'm a brain-lover), where people are supported to be able to achieve their full potential — where the work that makes you money feels like "play" because it comes so naturally.

I don't care about religion/not-religion, politics, sex, gossip and celebrities – and this makes me the genuine minority in America… but there is a lot of GOOD out there and in here that has to hide for fear of judgement. Creativity is strong force but whose spirit is easily crushed by a discouraging word or a mocking tone that the 80% of folks are very ready to provide. Psychologists, psychiatrists and drug companies make lots of money dealing with the aftermath of squashed creativity (broken spirits).

And please, nobody say, "But this isn't the world we actually live in" – because we create our own realities – how we CHOOSE to see ourselves, how we CHOOSE to see others. We each have that power within – think for yourself. Will you get screwed over now and again? of course. Murphy's Law always applies and petty "grabby" thinking is commonplace. But universal change happens starting from the individual.

And this is my wish. Anyone get the jib of my jive? the job of my jabber? the rumination of my rambling? What's the think of your thoughts?^

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