If I can’t answer these questions FOR MYSELF, How could I possibly be in a position to answer them for ALL humanity?

We have the same goal.
My “decontextualization” of hard-line words and concepts was a way to verify for myself that, “Ok, it’s babble. BUT…”
and now I’m in the “But…” part.

Here’s a thought to consider, as it’s the direction I’ve chosen. See if you can answer the categorization issue for yourself, entirely subjectively. Find your own threads and categories… use real-world systems that exist for categorization of knowledge to categorize yourself. See what fits. See what doesn’t.

I’ve taken that approach and it’s been extremely helpful to me because I’m starting to be able to see “myself” as I might been seen from “the future if I was a historican studying me and my writings and thoughts.

How will John Lepouras be categorized on a shelf?

If he wrote 1000 books, where would they go?

Stuff like that. _very_ helpful for me and it’s leading me towards the direction I _really_ want – which is where you’re going as well.

One example of many;a simple one; took all the words I wrote and collected in one place (forget the vine and id but the rest qualify) over a period of 27 years to get a decent sampling of word frequency. Within the word frequency are some patterns implying my “way”, although it’s basic. Still the volume of data helps give it some validity in some sense.

Or my other project – my favorite – using http://act-dl.base-search.net/textclassifier to classify my writing style compared to academic papers that were trained using AI and it found “what I was talking about” (concepts), using a corpus of 9000+ writings I did. [not all of them but again, strong enough sample for it to have some validity]

What I found interesting wasn’t “where I fit”, but rather “where I *don’t fit” and I realized I was seeing the world through different eyes altogether than some people. I already knew it, but seeing it confirmed was marvelous.

This map conforms to a dewey decimal 000-999. You can literally walk through the stacks and know that the Top and Middle rows are areas I’m going to write about.

But the bottom row are things I NEVER write about _from their viewpoint_. I may talk *about* those things, but ONLY in “light of” – literally – as these were filters or sieves, the above two rows.

Very englightening to me. I know you can’t read it… the original is HUGE.. but it gets the idea across.

My thinking is this:
If I can’t answer these questions FOR MYSELF,
How could I possibly be in a position to answer them for ALL humanity?

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