Ideals can make a religion out of anything – yes, Science too.

+denison6482 Oh absolutely. But remember – they are the top 1% of the top 1% of the top 1%. Feynman and Einstein and Newton are especially high up in my minds; all three theoretical physicists – and Feynman gets extra credit for being on the Manhattan Project (which wouldn’t have been there if Einstein hadn’t written to the President about the power of Chain Reactions with regards to an Atomic Bomb due to the urging of one of Einsteins young scientist friends who figured out chain reactions (whose name I forget and its a shame – because Einstein gets credit but really it was the other guy who figured it out :/ )

And that’s the thing: There have been millions of millions of scientists. We have our heros – they are equivilant to Saints in the religious world but in Science they are the heros – held up as positive examples of the BEST the system has to offer.

But that’s the trouble of ideals vs reality: We can get caught up in the mystique of the ideals very easily – in a world where only the best exist… and forget that there is a messier reality right here that doesn’t conform to the high ideals.

We need the high ideals for inspiration – especially when times get tough.

But for an honest, real view of the way things are, we need both the giants and the regulars. And science is more than physics. Physics is the most successful of the sciences because mathematics works well with it and math is easy to work with.

But biology for example doesn’t comform well to math. Messier Who’s the last biology hero you can think of? It doesn’t get the Press that physics does. Or other sciences. Physics acts as if it IS science but it’s not all about physics. It’s just one part of a very large set of approaches to conquer knowledge of reality. It has the best PR. Not putting it down at all – just reminding that there’s millions of struggling scientists who try their best but rarely get credit outside of their circles, because everybody is focused on the ‘big guys’.

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