Ideals are fine but making them real is troublesome and gets bloody.

Plausible? Yes. But my personal opinion? No.
I see ideals as the imagined lines on a piece of paper vs the actual lines we draw that are imperfect, 3D, bumpy under a magnifying glass.

Reconciling ideal and real is, to me, a fight that happens within cognitive dissonance… the fight between how we imagine the world should be vs what we actually experience the world to be.

Is there a reality “beyond here”? Well, I hope so! But I don’t know myself. What I do know is that the “idea of ideas” from Plato onwards – of a timeless eternal ‘something’ that’s perfect and such, whether it be God or mathematics or logic or reason or Truth or whatever – seems to cause humans much trouble when people fight with ideologies.

They’re useful tools, and good goals; and I honestly hope that Summum Bonum or something like it exists in an Ultimate reality, and I hope that an Ultimate reality does exist. But I personally don’t know.

I just want people here to treat each other with respect whenever possible and leave the ideology for interesting discussions but not used as weapons that lead to real bloody ones.

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