Ideals are but lines on paper drawn by flawed beings representing a mythical perfection.


  • I will consider it further. There’s a “something” about the gap between creator and created and my intuition may simply be a prejudice that I may have answer in some way, either through elimination, or elaboration.
  • Kenneth Udut Ok: A consideration:
    The DPM Realized is the creation of an imperfect mind.
    The imperfect mind may be satisfied that DMPR represents Perfection.

    But: How can an imperfect mind know it has created perfection, if it is imperfect itself? It may create something it thinks is perfect, and the creation may itself believe it is perfect, but is there any objective way to know for sure?

    Or am I quibbling?
  • Kenneth Udut Imperfect: “I have created Perfection”
    Perfect: “I am Perfection”
    It is perfect because the imperfect said so.

    In short, it strikes me rather that the product of an imperfect mind may create a _variation_ of self that it considers perfect, but there is no way to know what it has created *is* perfect. The perfect may believe it is perfect but really, is it not but a variation and not perfection?

    The dream is realized. If I was the imperfect creator, I would have to consider myself inferior and relinquish ownership of being the Real DPM to the DPMR. But it would be entirely a subjective perfection.

    But my bias is showing. I am not an idealist, but I am a perfectionist.
  • Kenneth Udut Seedy Johnson And if you like, you can ignore my ramblings about perfection. My simple answer is:

    In this scenerio, the DPMR is the Real one, because the DPM considers it more real than itself. DPM is an idealist. The ideal form, he will consider superior.
  • Kenneth Udut But to me, ideals are nothing but lines on paper drawn imperfectly by imperfect beings representing a mythical perfection.


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