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I think we lose the idealism of youth; we sometimes accept the positions of our elders, or we find *new* parents – a guru, an ideology, whatever the case may be… and latch onto it as: ABSOLUTE TRUTH and use it as our new measuring stick. This happens in our teens and especially in our 20s I believe.

Some people stick with it. Some put it aside and might chase after ideal after ideal (if one is an idealist)… and then… at least for me, I find that I have been piecing together something that’s, well, “just for me”; some combination of absolutes and relative positions on various things.

I’m 42 now. I’m convinced that we’ve learned almost everything we needed to know by the age of 4 years old. Everything beyond that, is roleplaying.

[we first absorb society by mirroring, then as we become social beings – almost as if some kind of explosion takes place around the age of 7 like a “HI WORLD HERE I AM… omg they’re attacking me… I can’t let them know my weaknesses”

and it’s roleplay after roleplay…. acting out the models of our youth in various forms. Replacing our parents with new parents; an ideology replaces Mom or Dad… etc.

and right and wrong… well… yeah, its’ hard not to lose your certainty in some matters…but then we gain certainty in other things – often ones that are from experience.

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