I’d put the death of ‘normie’ date at the short reign of poor dat boi,

I’d put the death of ‘normie’ date at the short reign of poor dat boi, the first meme I remember that was mourned for its loss far longer than it was around, issuing in the new era of 3.5 week memes, and also issuing the downfall not only of normie as a valuable class designation but also was the tail end of the chasing rare pepes.


23skedoo hepcat kool kidz moving away from normie designation (except for the 4chan crowd) but keeping dank designation, thanks to the roblox generation.


Kek’s also dead. Oats brothers killed kek back in early November if I remember right. Sadly, Oats brothers did not last beyond January 17 but they were fun.


It was art. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8I1sQlRiJdY – I’m always up for surprises though. Woah was desgined to die a dat-boi death but the roblox generation saved woah and transformed it and still gets giggles among the 4th-7th graders at least, the new masters of memetics.


Interestingly, I’ve noticed a new mashup of Marx/Hitler/Stalin/other noisy leaders among that crowd, continuing a fascination with WW2 that started with their older Millennial Youtube stars (and the usual gaggle of excellent Russia-based memes) but with none of the Millennial political idealism and polarization.

I watched that generation (slightly older but same gen) transform the Furries and the Bronies before from adult fetishism into pubescent substitution-for-pornhub and finally into FNAF age innocence, sanitizing the whole thing in the process. [gotta keep a public image clean for the kiddos now].


I have used that self-designation, yes but only when I talk about internet subcultures for more than a sentence or two. Been online since 89, seen a lot, notice a lot, miss a few things. [totally missed gamergate and the MGTOW stuff and its mashing into more conservative us-young-men-vs groups].

But really, I don’t know shit.

hat’s its origin basically and it’s still used that way sometimes, but it’s grown since then and among most users of it, it’s just a substitution, something to do.

The beautiful thing about memes is that wherever they come from they’re not shackled to their origin, even if they started as a political/ideological “in joke”.



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