I’d likely have been a “good citizen” in any era with most governships.

here’s what I expect:
a) politicians to be generally foolish
b) do stupid things
c) try to keep the government stable enough so they’ll have jobs tomorrow
d) because I’m not of recruitment age nor living by big cities I don’t think much about it
e) I don’t expect that to change
f) religion is rarely the reason, just the public justification
g) this is as true for anything you’ve heard bush say and anything coming out of the middle east or most places
h) money is involved somewhere
i) it’s not my money (directly)

etc etc.

death + taxes are universals unless you’re uber rich. Well taxes, but they’re working on death.
Wherever I live, there’d be some. How much? Depends. It’s just a part of being a grownup in any era in human history smile emoticon
politicians get their jobs to play with other people’s money. Ok then, here ya go. Waste it. That’s what they always do.

Well, there’s always ways to pay less (and perhaps none) I suspect in many countries. I don’t overly stress. I put my cleverness together to lower it but not so much to stress over it either. I figure I don’t have militia knocking at my door looking for a place to sleep. My streets are paved. I’d likely have been a “good citizen” in any era with most governships.


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