I’d like to thank the Hospitals that helped keep me in this world. Secular, Christian and Jewish.

Going back through my own history and beyond, I’d like to thank James S. Greene, MD and the community of Elizabeth, NJ, for starting the Elizabeth General Medical Center and Dispensary in Elizabeth, NJ in the 1880s, back when Hospitals were a novel idea, as this is where I was born,

and also the Sisters of Charity of St. Elizabeth, who sponsored the St. Elizabeth Hospital in Elizabeth, NJ where I was transferred to, because I was a premie (6.5 months),

and finally the Daughters of Israel for founding The Beth in 1902, now the Children’s Hospital of New Jersey at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center.  18 women brainstormed, sold blintzes and made it happen.

I was transferred there because I needed more help than the St. Elizabeth Hospital could do for me.

After some months, I was ready to come home for the first time.

They each started off as Secular, Christian and Jewish charities.

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