I’d find a link to it from somewhere else but I don’t want FB to get mad at me.

I’m sure if you look up “women giving birth in street in China video” it’ll show up somewhere on the interwebs. Nobody died in the video. Nothing really violent, just surprising.

Woman stands there, pulls down pants, baby falls out. She’s in shock, moves her pocketbook. Other ladies find a something for her to lay on. Other ladies find something to lay the baby on. A little blood and placenta liquid around. Baby’s moving arms and legs and crying like normal… just on the street which we’re not used to.

I’d find a link to it from somewhere else but I don’t want FB to get mad at me.

Strangest thing to me is how the baby seemed to fall out of almost “shoot out”. I think she probably gave birth most of the way before she was able to get her pants down because suddenly, BOOM, there’s a baby on the ground.


Woman gives birth in street while person with cameraphone takes video. Person with cameraphone uploads it to Chinese social network. Video leaves Chinese social network and gets to FTV39 on Facebook where it is picked up by  and posted on  and goes viral on Facebook with 180,000 shares. Much discussion occurs. Then, after a number of hours, the video and photos are taken down as a violation of Facebook Terms of Service.  and and others missed the video. posts synopsis for those who missed the video. gives great compliment and provides a career path, which inspires Kenneth Udut to post a meta synopsis. Now to go back in the house so family can deflate my ego again where it belongs.



Epilogue 1: After a series of compliments which reinflated my ego, which got deflated after going into the house for 30 seconds and after several hours had passed, wondered aloud, “Why am i not tagged in this?” Expressing emotional distress over the situation, Kenneth Udut decided to begin a series of Epilogues of uncertain end.




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