I’d do the same for any majority-in-groups. Makes me feel impish

It’s fun to poke at people when they get smug, especially when they form groups. It’s like payback to the meangirls in 3rd grade.

I’d do the same for any majority-in-groups. Makes me feel impish

I never got nicknames at jobs. Well, once I was “ponytail guy”, even though I didn’t have a ponytail or long hair at the time (I do now, again). [it’s like they KNEW I was a long haired guy trapped in a short-hair job! tongue emoticon ]

Closest thing to a nickname would be, “That’s a Ken thing”. I just did what I did and never understood the perpetual eye rolling, head-shaking disease that so many people would get after I’d open my mouth and say something tongue emoticon

ah, well as an INFP (not to say I’m a believer in it ‘per se’ just that it’s a handy-dandy social sorting system that SEEMS to be helpful)…

I’d program it for maximum possibility hunting and weigh out the options with a bias towards effective maximal benefit to the whole, which means ultimately, compromise where nobody’s REALLY happy but nobody’s overly pissed off either.


re: human reprogramming
Education has been trying to do that forever.

They do a ‘so so” job but think they do more than they do.


I’m agnostic but I don’t think I’m smarter. I just “don’t know”. There’s undoubtedly theists and atheists much smarter than I.

But I have a lot of topics I’m agnostic about. Keeps me learning new stuff all of the time.


It’s not about the teachings – it’s how they’re put together that made the difference.

I have a pile of loose plumbing parts. I have plumbers glue. I have a sink. They’re nicely organized by size and shape and I can find what I want easily {law)

But I can’t wash my hands because it’s not hooked up to the water supply.

That’s basically the difference between OT and NT via metaphor.


Yes, but judging righteously is not an easy task. In short, if you’re gonna judge, you’d BETTER get it right because most people fuck it up.

In short, if you’re going to judge or not judge, don’t judge because you probably got a log in your eye.



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