I’d be ok teaching most of those subjects, but social + moral skills would be my number one.

How interesting : I’ve never seen social + moral skills offered in public school but really they should be… Unless I got ripped off and they were supposed to do it.

I’d be ok teaching most of those subjects, but social + moral skills would be my number one. My primary focus would be discernment, both of self + other, utilizing whatever is best from a variety of sources, but especially from the students themselves, on how to navigate well.

[that’s my first answer to:


I can’t do polls on mobile so I will write out the options.
If you could only teach one in schools and no other which would you teach and why?

The visual arts
The musical arts
Social and moral skills
The written arts
Foreign languages
Physical and practical skills such as housekeeping and personal economics]



took a test on July 21, 2003 that was expensive and it was worth it. The MAPP Career test. It was VERY thorough.

Of all of the career tests I’d taken through the years, THIS one nailed me PERFECTLY. It’s a career I could do in the drop of a hat: the other top 10 as well but this especially:

Special Education Teachers, Middle School.

It came up as #1 and I was shocked because that’s something I’d wanted to do since I was *in* Middle School: help the kids that are on both sides of “outside of the Bell Curve” because I was one of them.


I’m a generalist more than a specialist. I have _some_ interests that are slightly more focused: I love science for example, yet I also love history. Neither subject gets taught correctly in schools. Don’t get me started on how they teach math wrong either. They taught this stuff wrong when I went to school and they teach it wrong now.


==http://www.amazon.com/Math-Myth-Other-STEM…/dp/1620970686 This book just came out today. It might be the first book I actually buy in years.


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