I’d advocate police use shields instead of guns or alternative guns as first line of defense..

We can only start with ourselves. We’re not immune. No one is immune. But on a societal level: media.

In theory, one could regulate media against bias. But too much of that and there’s a backlash, and the built up pressure of conformity bursts forth.

Some children growing up today will become police officers. That’s the place to start. Many efforts have gone on for many years in cartoons, education, etc. But then you have parents. Then you have grandparents. Then you have neighbors.

And there’s the forbidden fruit. Things you can’t talk about. Things you can’t say. It’s an irresistible pull and can burst forth.

So beyond training when young, how do you handle police of 2015 rather than the police of 2040?

Psychological training is one.

Another is returning to the old ways before cops were allowed to defend themselves with a bullet. [I believe that’s pre-1990. A ruling went forth that made ‘shoot first’ acceptable in a more broad amount of cases, due to a very bad case of a policeman being shot.. I don’t remember the case offhand but I can look it up].

I’d advocate police use shields instead of guns or alternative guns.

Think about it; What defenses does a policeman have? Primarily? The gun or a loud voice from a distance, handcuffs or physical restraint from close up.

Not much else.

I think that should change.


Oh I believe that good cops outnumber bad cops.
Good cops make boring news.
We want to see bad cops and that’s what they give us.
But still, something has to change for the better.

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