I wrote a paper in a class in

I wrote a paper in a class in organizational management in feb 2002.

chatGPT read it. good summary:

”In summary, you agree with the statement that the development of management thought has been determined by historical times and societal conditions. You find the Organizational Behavior approach to management thought to be most appealing as it sees people as adults and brings the people-aspect back to the job. You believe that mathematical (quantitative) techniques can help a manager solve a “people” problem, such as how to motivate employees or how to distribute work equitably. You also mentioned that an individual’s age, career stage, geographical location, and organization size can affect their needs as described in Maslow’s hierarchy. Additionally, you stated that common assumptions of motivation theorists Maslow, McGregor, and Herzberg regarding worker motivation are that they are quite positive in their view of humanity’s needs, and managers need to recognize that workers have needs that need to be fulfilled. Finally, you believe that Honesty and Integrity, Drive, and Intelligence are the most important personal traits for a leader, and these traits can be more valuable in some situations than in others.”

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