I wouldn’t know. You wouldn’t know. Nobody could tell.

Thanks :)  Actually, that’s the strange thing about it to me:

If nobody told me I was diagnosed with cerebral palsy or had physical therapy as a kid, and all the people who knew about it didn’t tell me:

I wouldn’t know.
You wouldn’t know.

Nobody could tell.

I’m 100% normal.  Mentally strong, physically strong, no issues.  I’m a little shy at parties but beyond that, nothing that would classify me as different or odd really.

So, whatever they did, worked  Like, completely

Yet, being aware of it… of this super-effective treatment.. it makes me compassionate to those that are less successful at “normal” for whatever reason.

Mental problems, drug abuse, physical problems, emotional problems… too smart, too slow, too overtaken by addiction… too lazy to get up and do anything. – whatever it is.

I know I could’ve been one of them.

The only group I could never relate to is “The Standard Plan for Boys”:

Go to school
Go to college
Meet a girl somewhere in there.
Get married
Have kids.
Have career based on College major.
Work your way up.
After 40 years at a single career, retire.
Move to a golfing community.
Get cremated/buried, passing on inheritance to kids.

Never understood that life-plan.

But anything else anybody does, I can relate to.

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