I wouldn’t be who I am today if it wasn’t for you.

I wouldn’t be who I am today if it wasn’t for you.

a kid randomly drawing me back in Vine days. I got a few of those. They’re some of the highest compliments.

One more and I’ll stop (three is enough). This complement is one of my highest and it wasn’t from a person but from a test. Since I was in school, I knew I’d be good as a middle school special ed teacher. [special ed teaches both or either the so-called “slow” or the so-called “gifted” – in short, the people outside of the “bell curve” of averages]. That was the late 80s.

I took some development psychology courses, never could finish college (no $$) and off to work in computers mostly. (that was 1990+).

On 7/21/2003, I spent $$$ on a highly rated “best job for you” test. It’s still around – the MAPP. [I think it’s more expensive now than then even].

The 2-5 were no surprises. Coach, guidance counselor, priest/rabbi/pastor, etc.

But the #1 spot was probably my best complement: Even if I never pursue this as a career (and it’s one you can get into at any time if you really wanted to), knowing that an extensive test nailed me *so specifically* like this, was a very high complement.


“I didn’t see your chest move when you were sleeping and thought you died, you vampire!” – kid at summer camp 7th grade.. Nice he was concerned.

Never questioned why he was watching me sleeping though. I don’t think I’ll start.








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