I *will* get to my computer chair: routine, counting, knowing what you do to consider a day normal.

My grandmother counted everything. Not aloud but she would count the steps she took, she told me once she chews her food exactly 20 times because then she hardly has to swallow (and she enjoys her food more) and things like that.

As a kid, I counted my chewing as well and counted my steps; I liked that she did it. In fact, I probably found out she did it when I asked her about me doing it and wanted to know why. [my mother didn’t do those things].

Anyway, flash forward:

I’m always trying to figure out the most efficient way to do things. I don’t always count anymore, but I’ve tried to figure out efficient *motion*. For example, spinning. You can rotate your whole body to make turns (if you’re alone or with people that you know you’re a little off and just roll their eyes and don’t ask questions).

So for common tasks, I have it “down to a science”. I do things in order, in steps, with a lot of simultaneity – which helps me when I’m interrupted, which is… always. [a busy house].

I get up with a goal of getting to my computer chair, which is out on the porch. I have to pass by my “interrupters” – people who interrupt my tasks. I give them temporary priority now. Sometimes temporary priority can last all day, for many hours.

But my day doesn’t “really” begin until I get to my computer chair.

Getting to the chair involves a number of prior steps: making coffee, bathroom, and various other things that are part of what form a sense of stability to a chaotic environment.

Today, for example, was the first ‘normal’ day I’ve had since September. It’s Feb 3rd. I was able to get up, do all the things I like to do in the morning, get to my chair, and do a few things that I like to do on the computer before being ready to handle “Here’s something new”.

But – by knowing what all of the things are that I like to do to consider a day “normal”, has allowed all the interruptions to happen; and I don’t get annoyed. It used to annoy me when I was unconscious of my patterns that I liked.

The steps aren’t numbered, but what they do is give me “something to look forward to”.

I can say, “Ok, I didn’t make my coffee yet, but we’re going out for the day instead”.

So, I go out for the day. Live my life. Do whatever there is that needs doing. Make the most of my time.

But when I get home, as soon as there is a free moment (which is usually several hours later due to further interruptions), I *will* make that pot of coffee.

And get to my computer chair.

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