I went to Hampshire College in Amherst MA in 1990/1991. They had gender neutral bathrooms. It took about two days to get used to the idea and then it was no big deal. Bathrooms are for going to the bathroom and nobody cared. So, 25 years later, they’re starting to pop up in other places as well. I suspect it’ll take a long time for society to just accept that “bathrooms are for going to the bathroom” but hopefully it’ll happen eventually. As it stands, we have everyday situations that are causes for grief. There are people who are transgendered. Where do they go? What about even more common situation of mothers with young sons or fathers with young daughters? They’re stuck in a predicament that they shouldn’t be. They have to stand outside. Call in. Worry. There’s an invisible, uncrossable line. Parent has to sent child in and be fearful of what might be lurking within. No gender distinction bathrooms eliminates that. They just go in together. It’s a freakin’ bathroom. I guess society’s not ready for that yet. But I’m glad in some places they’re doing something. This is one place. There’s a place in Canada that’s doing it too. Universities have been doing this for years. Maybe it’s because they’re relatively secure, insulated environments. Maybe it could never work in a “public situation”. I dunno. It’s just “stinks” when you’ve seen the answer to those with an issue and then find out it’s still a very real problem because nothing much has changed. Our culture hasn’t changed much at all. So much for University idealism. But maybe someday issues like this will simply vanish and people will look back and go, “Yeah, we were pretty dumb in 2015″.

San Francisco Elementary School Creates Gender-Neutral Bathrooms via http://ift.tt/1M8Neni

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