I went to an extremely liberal college, so from my perspective, almost all the rest seem conservative. Hampshire College . 1990/91. So, I’m not an unbiased source.

I went to an extremely liberal college, so from my perspective, almost all the rest seem conservative.

Hampshire College . 1990/91.

So, I’m not an unbiased source.



The news article that sold me: https://www.nytimes.com/1990/06/10/magazine/what-s-new-at-frisbee-u.html
It had conservatives complaining back in 1990 too – and that’s at what’s just about the most liberal college you can find.
‘Sometimes it’s hard to be a heterosexual male here,” said Halstead York, who was having breakfast in the dining hall with his friends Jeri Chittick, Rebecca Drury and Elizabeth Rosenthal.
”Students are trying so hard to be open-minded they’re close-minded,” said Jeri.
From day one I heard, “Gays throw the best parties here” and it was true.Back then, gay-bashing still happened regularly around the USA, but was REALLY bad in Australia and UK. Curb stomping and all.So college campuses were a generally safe place for gay to be gay, many of whom came from conservative towns and suburbs.I was part of the gay club – not for gayness but for fun stuff – I forgot what it was called. Pink triangles were the thing. Lots of AIDS awareness, campus condom stuff. My mom was blown away by me getting a “dental dam” in my mailbox as I showed it to her.I was one of those “I’ll try anything once” types, determined to try a bit of everything I read in the Kinsey Reports at least once in my life.Female, male, whatever. I never had any issues as I was basically “up for anything” and I spent more time saying “no thanks” than joining in stuff.

I think for people seeking long term monogamous marriage material life at colleges was/is probably more difficult.

But I had friends who were elves (elfinkind), hung out with the theater kids, the gay kids and the nerds alike. Was only there for 18 months but it was nice stepping out of my economic class to see how the economically stable families got to do things..

 Even though I don’t have a fursuit, I’m basically a furry in temperament.
 It’s why I don’t understand a need for conservatism on campus. You can get that at home. But that’s says everything about my own temperament and nothing at all about “what’s average”.
 I never was into activism though. Not even a button on my shirt. But I liked the variety of individuals.That’s what drew me to online too. I can find such a variety of amazing personalities that I’m never bored in my online encounters, whether in our comment thing, or wherever I find myself.
  I showed my 14 yr old nephew some snippets from Kinsey today.I was 14 when I read it, in secret, guarded at my public library. Absolutely fascinated by the VARIETY and grateful for where I was at as some guys had it way worse than anything I was going through.

Always a nerd, always the scientist. I loved the statistics and little insights and still blown away that it was a 15 year study from 1930-1945, opening up my eyes that there’s TRULY nothing new under the sun.

 His friends are mostly alt-right in training, and today he finally realised that its practically dangerous to be a “liberal” in his friend circle. So, for him that’s a challenge and he straddles the line well.

He was angry in 6th, 7th and 8th grade at his impoverished “sex ed”. They wait until the LAST DAY of school and use a Christian fundamentalist sex ed book – IN PUBLIC school.

Such is Florida. STDs and “don’t have sex until marriage”.

So I try to give bits and pieces when I can. I feel bad that so many kids are going to get a stunted education in so much, but particularly in this kind of knowledge. 1949. This reads like a controversial tract even today among many circles – and that’s sad.


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