I wasn’t trying to solve the next mersenne prime

Ok, this is close enough – it’s still not the spiral I was thinking of, but it’s pretty.   It’s in an excel file I named “double_mersenne_primes.xls”, and it’s filled with all sorts of calculations.  Of coursedouble-mersenne-primese – it’s Excel, it can’t do that, especially with a 32Bit version [on my 64bit macine, which still wouldn’t be big enough].

But I was looking for patterns ‘nearby’ and anyway, this chart jumped up and surprised me.  I don’t remember what it means. It’s from Oct 2013 when I was all into this stuff.     Yeah, I was sure I found something new.  Hard not to get excited when you see pretty charts pop up. But the more I researched at the time, everything I thought was ‘new’, some other guy already did.  I’m looking to do something ‘new’ and the world of pure number theory has enough entrants; they didn’t need me.


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