I was told I look like Mich

I was told I look like Michael from VSAUCE. I never saw Vsauce before – so I’m really grateful to my g+ and skype and mc friends for showing me new things.

My first thought was ”duuuude… there’s NO WAY that I look like…. hmm… well… wait… yeah.. dang, I guess I sorta do. lol — I also look like ”The Most Interesting Man in the World” (i get phototagged everywhere for that – maybe I’m him in the future – or he’s the FUTURE ME and I just came back in Time to make TV commercials for a beer I have yet to drink but apparently WILL ABSOLUTELY LOVE.). AND I get tagged as Willy Wonka — which is perhaps the HIGHEST COMPLIMENT that could be given to me, next to be tagged as Jesus.

There’s a certain kind of crazy that the world needs – and I admire in all my friends.#

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