I was raised on Sagan / Joseph Campbell / hippish agnosticism.

It is. Online, it’s extremely popular stuff right now. It just has a tendency towards a bit of immaturity and has a bit of a southern baptist ‘feel’ to it sometimes. Different bibles, different heroes, different verses or memes, but similar debating style. Hopefully that’ll change as it matures as a subculture with a longer history.


I was raised on Sagan / Joseph Campbell / hippish agnosticism. It’s kinda old fashioned now, although I’ve started to see some who have come out of the atheist movement to criticize the directions its been taking.

Massimo Pigliucci has a fascinating perspective to me. I’ve never been atheist; not even a consideration, my whole life. Resisted labels, even the vague ones. I accept agnostic if I MUST as some people need to sort other people out into slots and whatnot. So be it.

Anyway, he’s the devil in some atheist circles now. He headed the Rationally Speaking blog for 14 years, does a podcast now, prolifically writing and such even still.

It was interesting to me because I’ve always had a similar perspective but as an outsider to the circle, with friends on the inside but it wasn’t my club.


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