I was looking at a "myths

^I was looking at a "myths of science" – really good stuff. This one was suprising to hear but it shows you can hear something over and over again and think its true, but really it's not…. this one I had to read three times before saying, "Yeah, you know, it DOES make sense". We just get prejudiced against some ideas without even realizing it – and this was I was prejudiced against. Now, I see how it's true.

The myth: Synthetic chemicals are dangerous. The reality: Many chemicals made in laboratories and factories are exactly the same as those found in nature, and very few synthetic products are as toxic as natural substances. Some natural chemicals are fatal. Cyanide is a natural substance, and it's fatal at a dose of 10,000 mcg. Botulism is natural, but a thimbleful could kill half the people in a city. Even common plants like poison oak and poison ivy are dangerous. On the other hand, the majority of prescription drugs are synthetic, and they've helped dramatically increase life expectancy.^

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