I was like a circus dog with glasses.

I could go with an 8th grade intelligence exam. Let’s see, that’s age 14 yrs old or so: I was reading Summerhill, Enders Game and “Why Johnny Can’t Read” and Unschooling at my library…. and was pissed off that school was fundamentally fucked up.

Still pisses me off now and I’m 44 – not for me but for all the kids that gotta go through it.

So yeah, I probably didn’t progress past 8th grade myself.


I was nerdy _and_ agile in 8th grade. Hours in front of my little computer and I could contort myself into a pretzel. I was like a circus dog with glasses.


I was awkward around people but I hit an early spurt. I *think* I was 5′ 10″ by 8th grade but I’m not sure; I seem to remember being 5’10” for a while before gaining an extra 2 inches somewhere along the line.

Somewhere I have my 7th grade standardized test – might have 8th grade somewhere. I’m not sure what my reading level was then tbh.


Yeah, i had my Stephen King / and that horror guy whose name keeps escaping me in 8th grade.

I’d pour through non-fiction books at the library though. All 6 books they had on alt.schooling stuff – Summerhill was my favorite… seemed so perfect…. plus to find out “am I normal” I poured through the stats and charts and descriptions in the “Sexuality of the Human Male” book by… whoever that dude was… Kinsey! Kinsey. Yeah, I’d sneak that one over to the library cubicle and yes, I actually read it.

I was an early Internet baby. Age 17, 1989 I got my modem, so for me, reading books almost totally stopped unless I had to. Did a tiny bit of college, never finished ($$$, thanks Reagonomics)… and been weaned on the ‘net ever since.

Lost interest in pop culture for years (outside of Internet pop culture, which always fascinated me) ’til Minecraft came out.

I know all about Hunger Games + Harry Potter + whatever stuff is coming out of pop culture over the past 5 years or so.

Best thing is: I don’t read any of it! I just come across an enthusiast and I ask them to tell me THEIR summary.

After they beg me to read it for myself a dozen times, they always tell me. And THEIR version of the story is likely far better than anything I could’ve gotten out of it myself because really, I don’t care to read the books at all.

Heck, I never finished Lord of the Rings as a kid. Or Narnia. Or even the whole Star Wars saga. Just bits and pieces.



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