I was kinda forced to be extremely self-aware

I think I had some pre-training as well. You mentioned post-hypnotic stuff: When I was 11, I went to biofeedback training, which included Guided Meditaiton… as it existed in 1983 anyway.

Bad New Age music… a guy’s deep booming voice… “You are a warm bottle lying in the sand” – stuff like that.

So it worked to control my anxiety problems mostly. But more than that, it helped me be more self-aware throughout the day.

But even THEN I had some pre-training. In 3rd grade, to correct a stutter, I had training to stop and be aware of what I’m about to say JUST BEFORE I say it, to avoid going “um,” and “uh” and stuff.

I had to learn to pause and reflect in the middle of talking. So, I was kinda forced to be extremely self-aware tongue emoticon

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