I was inspired to read up

^I was inspired to read up on "who invented the transistor?" Should be a household name, like Edison, right? Without a transistor, we wouldn't have the microchip, no PCs, no Internet, right? WELL… what you'll find, when you get past the 3 guys from Bell Labs that jointly won the Nobel Prize, is all about patent attorneys, counterlawsuits, companies splitting off of companies (creation of Silicon Valley in the 60s) – and if you dig backwards, you get info about a Nazi scientist, furthur back you get crystal radios – and in the end, the muddly muddled mess explains that a lot of invention isn't always a guy pondering the nature of things, or a tinkerer trying to get something to WORK – but it is full of politics, intrigue, amateur magicians, hurt feelings… but my favorite guy among all of this is John Bardeen, winner of 2 Nobel prizes (transistor and superconductivity) – normal family guy, liked backyard BBQ and family vacations – yet was always thinking and trying to solve engineering problems in his head – yet never became a celebrity for it.^

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