I was inspired by @10412202

I was inspired by @104122029368001292195who just posted his Eye to the stream. I thought ”Ooh – great ADHD activity. Takes just a few seconds to do it, it’s one of those ”why-not-take-a-picture-of-my-eye” times in my life that.. well… never happened until this very moment. So.. SNAP CROP SHARE. Done. Easy. And there it is. An eye that happens to belong to someone you love so much that your heart wants to explode at the mere mention of Ken.

*boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom* – I just heard 5000 hearts just got a little bigger. Let’s try it again… Ken. Yay! Spread the happiness. Eye love you all.

Oh and that’s my eye. Left one. Or as it was about 5 minutes ago when I took the picture. It might look a little different now.

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