I was his Imaginary Friend.

And yeah, what he’s doing is normal. I give my input, but I don’t expect or demand that he follow it. SOmetimes we define ourselves in CONTRAST to what we learn as “right and wrong” and I fully expect a Bizzaro Ne” to come out from time to time, which it does.

Mostly, I try to inspire self-confidence. “You can do it!” “You don’t need me for that” type of thing. But I give in very quickly, I rarely say no, I’m a total enabler and a pushover. But I let him have a little extra control over me because he’s got enough people around him demanding he do this and that and the other thing.

His dad died when he was 5, so without asking anybody, I jumped in ’cause we’re in a house of mostly women here. I kinda encourage his rebellious side; I let his mother + grandmother do all the parenting stuff. I’m just the curiousity Shoppe owner in the house, the troll on the computer that gives him a few minutes or hours of his time to listen to his stories, play games with him, whatever, until he gets bored.

I like his stories, his inventiveness and creativity. School will slowly erode it, as school does and already has. But it gets replaced with other things like repeating Memes, obsessions over particular games or youtubers, and it’s nice to be available.

Best compliment I received is when he was 6 and his grandmother brought him to a psychologist because he was having school adjustment problems.

The psychologist thought I was his Imaginary Friend.

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