I was GOING to go into Theoretical Physics but the professor I wanted was away,

I was GOING to go into Theoretical Physics but the professor I wanted was away, so I did child psychology stuff instead. Didn’t matter. Ended up working in computers. Glad too: If I did theoretical physics like I wanted in ’90, I would’ve been stuck doing shitty String Theory crap ’cause that was the trend in the 90s… it’s a relief things worked out as they did.


I was lucky. My mother was always of a liberal mindset, as was my grandmother.

Their advice? If the job sucks? Quit. Find another. Don’t depend on your job to give you life satisfaction. It won’t. It’s just a job. It was good advice.


hehe, yeah tongue emoticon I remember when “GenX were slackers”. Then GenY / Millennials. My mother’s generation she remembers adults in HER time complaining that society was going to “hell in a handbasket” because “kids today…”

So, nothing changes except some ppl forget what it’s like to human.


Well, my currency is people. I collect people. Occasional compliments. I don’t trade or enslave.

It’s kinda disgusting come to think of it: I literally collect compliments. I save them. Got a whole unsorted collection of them.

Maybe I’ll stick them on the back of a book jacket someday ’cause that’s all authors do: they stick praise on there from ANY source. I’ve got hundreds ’cause I’m awesome.

Now if I could just get someone to organize my thoughts for me… You don’t want to be a pure creative person: it sucks. All create and no organize. Just output. Anyway, thanks like emoticon


I find it’s a lifelong struggle to not let other ppls bitterness ‘stick’ to my psyche. Daily effort  So, I let them be their way, and I do my own thing. Freedom really.


<— guess who is the product of the “self-esteem / be-yourself” movement of the 1980s? That shit works.

All those 80s cartoon memes? He-man? Captain Planet? I knew it was BS even as a kid yet, it sticks to you.


Glad I’m not the only one. Best thing ever. I use the old fashioned snippingtool when I’m on the PC, rub out the person’s name [’cause I didn’t get their permission to do something with it and I don’t feel like that] and sometimes I post it to my “get all my internet shit in one place site” http://icopiedyou.com project, but most of it is scattered on my HD.

When someone randomly draws my picture, it’s a special treat. Some 12 yr old kid drew me a year ago on Vine as a shoutout – I’ve had a few – but this one here was top-notch.

There’s awesome ppl out there, so I never lose out hope. The assholes will always be with us, but we dont’ have to become the assholes or let them affect us. I can have one of those “woe-is-me-life-has-no-point-moments” and remembering that somebody took a few seconds out of their day to write, “Wow, Ken you’re [positive adjective]!” – it’s like an injection of ‘good’ and clear up head fog.

Ugh – sorry for babbling Ivan, but you’re the first person I talked to that saves compliments too, so I got a little giddy tongue emoticon



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