I was going to be a special ed teacher, middle school age.

I was going to be a special ed teacher, middle school age. Went to child psych classes. abnormal psych, etc – back in 1990/91. Didn’t finish school due to $ so I volunteered for a year full time at the local Cerebral Palsy Center.

Marvelous experience – and I wasn’t aware just how rare those centers are. [this was in Union New Jersey USA – I _think_ it’s still there – that was 25 yrs ago].

I wanted to repay them because that’s where *I* went when I was 3-4 years old.

I was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Whether I really had it or not? Who knows, because I was able to enter regular public school and nobody knew the difference.

So I had a chance to repay the favor as an adult.

I never did become a special ed teacher – although it’s on my bucket list even still, at 43 yrs old.

But knowing there’s people doing it out there – especially men whom many kids don’t have in their lives (I didn’t have one) but women as well [I wasn’t being sexist – just pointing it out] – like this doing something makes me feel better.

I help out wherever I can, trying to help people help themselves boost their own confidence levels, whether it’s kids, teenagers adults – it doesn’t matter the age. We all need special assistance at some point in our lives, and we can all help the world be a better place.

I sound like an 80s “Be Yourself” Commercial but that’s ’cause I grew up with that stuff and yes, I believe it. I believed Mr. Rogers and still do.

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