I was fired once. Here’s the story:

I was fired once. Here’s the story:
Once. Head tech at computer store. Mid 90s. Boss didn’t want to give customer his diskette back because he didn’t like the customer. “Don’t you DARE give him that disk or mail it to him or anything.” One day, he came by. Drove all the way from Pennsylvania to get that diskette. So, I gave it to him. The moment I handed it to him, my boss and his wife and kids walk into the store.
One of those “you couldn’t time it better” movie moments but it was real.
“Don’t come back tomorrow” he told me. That was Wednesday.
Stayed home Thursday.
Friday, I went in normal time. But the alarm system wouldn’t take my code. I couldn’t figured out why. Called my boss. He was shocked I was there, told me to just leave. So I left, as the alarms started going off and the police sirens were off in the distance.
I walked home, still confused.
Later that day: “Oh. I was fired wasn’t I? Huh.”

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