I was born at 6 and 1/2 months and found out there’s a phenotype for tha

I was born at 6 and 1/2 months and found out there’s a phenotype for that, which helped me tied together adhd (inattentive), autistic traits, music always composing in my head, very vivid imagination, yet I can’t answer a simple thing like questions such as “what is the author’s intention in this paragraph?”
My senses are very keen and overactive, I’ve been studying other people including myself since I was a kid, scrutinizing my own thoughts even harder than those of others, making connections between ideas that are very logical to me but don’t make sense to anyone else and usually jumping to conclusion too quickly
I have a long list of rules that I follow and am always creating
I recently read a paper about the neural correlates of “concrete and abstract” and in the process read a paper that cited that paper that described autistic people being trapped in a “heraclitean flow” – over my head but I have Google.
And I learned that it was a a state of seeing everything in constant flux and change set in opposition to Aristotle’s categories
And this notion of it being a kind of curse really stuck because although I see it and use it as a gift, I also know it has its flaws
So that along with learning about motor systems and how rehearsals work, and how it all hooks together in the brain and why it differs in certain populations…
Infodump – I think that what they call this

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