I was an annoying pain in

^I was an annoying pain in college. ("was?!?" – ok, still am). 18 yr old smartbutt. I made friends with a handful who were always talking about TOLERANCE, ACCEPTANCE, etc. I thought deeply about it for a few minutes one morning and a lightbulb hit me. After I brushed the glass off my shoulders :) I thought, "Waaaait a minute, what about tolerating INTOLERANT people?" SO, that became my "thing". My friends would say, "People should be tolerant and accept me the way I am! I'm not changing for ANYBODY!" I'd say, "Can you tolerate the intolerent people?" – "No Way man, intolerant people must learn to be TOLERANT, like me!" "But if you can't tolerate intolerant people, how tolerant are you really? it's easy to accept people who already accept you – can you accept people who DON'T accept you and be okay with it?" Always left heads scratching. NEEDLESS TO SAY,, I soon had to find a new group of friends. (but three of them came back to me at different times later on and said that I actually made an impression on them. That was pretty cool). I've since carried that idea with me for life so far – the challenge of tolerating the intolerant. And it does bring a form of inner peace.^

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