I wanted to see if I could successfully bring 2015 into 1990 and it’s working.

Three cheers for Hamster!
It may be 12 years old but it took a herculean task and is letting me accomplish what seemed impossible (going from a large WordPress site to NNTP in bulk,  bringing 24000 webpages from a wordpress site into a usenet newsreader, which cuts the straps to CSS and web browsing without the loss of a single word, video or image, and gaining the ability sort, export, analyze and process a lot of stuff all at once without having to resort to clunky and awkward database interfaces, or resorting to Excel, which is my “go to ” tool for dealing with a lot of data all at once.

Newsreaders had the technology even before the web, of handling very large amounts of stuff organized by date very easily  but it was abandoned for a lot of reasons, mostly because it did too much, too well.

Google+ and Facebook are the modern forms of usenet news and I wanted to see if I could successfully bring 2015 into 1990 and it’s working.  It’s very easy too, now that I have it figured out.

Little things about this program I love: It’s a mail/news server software that was surprisingly easy to use and well documented and most of all, it works – even on my 64-bit system, without a hitch.
I told it to retrieve 100 feeds all at once and it nicely did what it could, then neatly scheduled the requests for the other feeds when it was ready.

It didn’t care that I said, “DO ALL THIS NOW!” because it was smart enough to organize its own time so that other servers wouldn’t crash in the process.

Yes, its archaic Internet tech but that’s part of the charm for me.

I set up Opera (yes, opera) as a launcher for twitter links, youtube videos and such, taking advantage of newer interfaces only when necessary, and I’ll be able to focus on the bulk of what I wanted to do, which, well, I don’t remember what it was exactly because I’m excited to see this thing working.

I guess – automate it and make it serve everything for me :P

I’m getting ownership of my data back.  I think that’s what I like.  it’s mine and it’s well organized, something that’s usually not me.

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