I wanted string theory to win but pure mathematics won’t win. Algorithms will come close but still not quite.

Yeah I agree with you there too. String theory was a set of fun efforts by new mathematicians seeking a way to get up in the ranks quickly and establish a name for themselves in their departments in the 90s, but it didn’t end up anywhere… just mathematical circles.

Maybe they’ll get a breakthrough, who knows? But they managed to secure a lot of funding for at least a dozen years, so it’s not really a failure for those involved in it. It was a financial success, even if not a lot of discoveries came out of it.

Mind you, I rooted for String theory for a long time. I *wanted* “pure math* to win. But since studying philosophy and seeing the roots, i can only back mathematics so far. Once they find a single workable model, they’ll end up with 120 equally workable models or more, because that’s the nature of mathematics; it’s a closed Universe, unlike the real Universe, which is still an unfolding system. Algorithms stand a small chance of decent modeling over mathematics but it’d still be skeleton form and even THEN, only of limited applicability. Useful? yes. But describing everything? Not entirely, no.

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