I want life to be fair for everybody

Race is irrelevant if you’re white. But it’s more than money happening in the US.
There’s little equality among the poor when it comes to race.
Money _can_ buy you out of some of it; at least in the business world.
But if you don’t have the money, if you’re non-white, you don’t get the same kind of treatment. if you don’t have the money and you’re white, you get put ahead on line.

There’s programs to help even the odds, but it goes beyond the programs. As a white male, if you or I put on a suit, practice smiling the mirror and shaking hands, and come up with a good story, either one of us could walk into ANYPLACE in the US; places of power and privilege.. country clubs, parties for the rich, wedding crashing – whatever… and we could bluff our way in.

But if you’re non-white and rich, you can’t.

If you’re a white boy who is 14 years old and kill someone, you’ll get help. Someone will weave a tale of your innocence and put it on the news and show you looking cute. People will buy it and your chances for acquittal are high.

If you’re hispanic, black, take your pick, no one will even know your name.

There’s gender bias, race bias; and it’s believed that capitalism is the great equalizer.. and it CAN be in a sense; starting up a business is easy in the USA for anybody. There’s equality in the business world of sorts. But not in the business world? Nope.

I wasn’t arguing.. just ranting. I want life to be fair for everybody.

“If you’re white, you win.” *sigh*
I’m grateful for the population shift though.
Eventually it will force things to be more fair… eventually.

t I don’t feel guilty for being a white male; I’m grateful.
I don’t “feel privileged” but I know it’s true because there’s an awful lot I don’t have to worry about that many people do.
I want to help in some way, but all I can give is my sympathy and hope that someday they’ll get a fair shake in this society.

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