I usually regret getting involved in these kinds of conversations.

Jim Æloi Rose
I don’t see a war.
But I do see a lot of people angry.
A lot of people who look like me.

They worry about the declining birth rates in the group that look like me.

They seem to believe if one is not for them they are against them.

I find this to be strange but like team sports.

I’m not a big fan of team sports.

I’m more of an individualist.

I was raised in an Irish and Italian town.

It didn’t matter if you were “white”.

It mattered what family you belonged to.

The neighboring town was a mixture of ethnicities.

When I was little they were still split up into different ethnic neighborhoods.

Puerto Rican, cuban, Italian, Russian, mexican, Ukrainian, polish, etc

I knew all the differences between Cubans vs. Puerto Ricans versus Mexican versus Columbian vs Portuguese etc.

I knew German vs. Irish vs English vs Scottish versus French.

They were black people From the northern US vs black people from Jamaica verse Haiti vs black people from the South. I didn’t know anybody who came from an African country until much later.

Everybody was a little bigoted.

But racism seemed rare.

At least from what I saw growing up.

I didn’t know it was hiding in code words.

I didn’t feel part of a group.

I saw war between ethnicities but not between “races”.

Maybe I biologically have less oxytocin.

It would explain a few things. I’m sorry about my dry sense of humor too. You see it as pointing to deeper things. But it’s just sarcasm.

I usually regret getting involved in these kinds of conversations.

I apologize for any offense.

Thank you for your time. We are friends and not enemies. I’ve lost too many online friends from White Privilege discussions and I would rather swallow my debate opinions then lose friendships. I don’t have as much beef in the game of winning this debate.

I apologize deeply for arguing. It’s something that’s crucial to you and I have been flippant and rude.

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