I used to hang around 3lY7E boards (in BBS days

I used to hang around 3lY7E boards (in BBS days). Never got into the community but I made a few friends. Sometimes they’d go on missions together to do some media trickery or take down a server. Bunch of kids having fun mostly, a few went too far as kids sometimes do. Saw similar things on Usenet and early forums. What surprises me is that the Anonymous and post anonymous groups have successfully captured the early 90s “mystique” factor really well. Same type of thing though – a few guys do all the work and the rest are all posturing. Not a fan of the stormfront political influx and its effect on memes for a couple of years, but that seems to be settling down as memes have moved on from the 2016 election cycle.


I’d say the introduction of the Oats Brothers was the downfall of Kek as popular figure and its returned to home base for the most part.


From oats brothers to post vine shooting stars to we are number one and beyond, I never tire of watching the communities shift and change on the greater internet.



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