I used to get people who knocked on the door growing up.

I used to get people who knocked on the door growing up.
Mormans, Jehovah’s Witnesses. But also sales people. It was the tail end of the “Door To Door Salesman” – and I mean the VERY tail end; Tupperware, Vitamin Sales (see: Alex Jones), and also politicians would come to your door.
Salesmen, religious people, and politicians, all knocking at the door, all wanting me to cooperate.
Rarely did I let them talk more than a few minutes, usually not at all. But that’s because they weren’t friends but strangers.
But one technique used in sales is: “You’re smarter than that”.
Why are you selling Elon Musk to me?
This is a question I ask myself every time somebody wants me to change my opinion about him.
I’m not seeing a political world with this topic but a sales world.
Elon Musk is the product. You are a salesman and I am a consumer.
  I don’t know why. Sometimes I can understand a person’s position: for example, I have a friend here on Facebook that usually takes Musk’s position on things if I say something he sees as unflattering or untrue, but he worked for SpaceX for a time and so he has a reason.
I’m using salesman loosely here.
I mean it in terms of “it’s important that you change your mind”. That’s what I mean by ‘selling something’.
ok, now that I can work with.
I empathize with many people, People in positions of obscene power, I do not unless there’s a reason I can latch on to.
 because influence isn’t something I can ignore.
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