I use Processing whenever I remember I have it

I’m not but it looks great! I use Processing whenever I remember I have it. I use it for one-off projects. I get an idea and realize it’s the best way to accomplish it. Used it twice in 2013, a few times in 2014, a few times in 2015 and 2016, and a bunch over the past week in 2017. I never sat down to properly learn it though. I figure it out as I go along when I need it. But I should really learn it properly because I really do like it.

One thing I’ve only lightly explored is the fact that I can compile straight to EXE with it and redistribute. It’s nice not dealing with all the boilerplate Java code, and the project managers, which I never liked. I like to dive straight into a project and make it go, not set it up.

I will. What I love about it is using it with video. Most of my projects have involved experiments in computer vision, although I also used it for a few websites (with their JS version – OpenProcessing I think, which gets me into javascript without having to deal with javascript. It’s straightforward, logical, visual and a lot like old-school programming where you just jump in and do something.


I have a tiny bit of Python under my belt too but barely any and I keep telling myself I *should* learn it properly. But really, Processing is more my speed. It might not be general-purpose does-everything but that’s not what I need when I use it. With Python, someone’s already built whatever I’d want to do anyhow, so I just take their code and tweak it for my needs. But with Processing, it’s, i dunno, a lot more fun.



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