I turned off the monitor and avoided them the rest of the party.

Good question. I noticed it in little ways. In the mid 1990s, I ran a BBS called “FREE SPEECH”. 100% anonymous, anybody could say anything they wanted.

They’d dial in, leave a message, read other people’s messages and leave.

One day during a party, somebody started leaving ASCII NAZI symbols. They’d scroll up the screen, taking up the whole page. Some people noticed and despite me trying to explain, “I defend their right to free speech even if I disagree with it”, they didnt ‘get it’.

I turned off the monitor and avoided them the rest of the party.


At one time, in the USA, right wing meant: a) very poor or b) very rich.

People in the middle couldn’t socially afford to ostracize because you never knew who your next boss or business partner would be.

But maybe the right wing started growing in the middle class. That class could afford to get computers for their kids who would then get online.

I bring up the riots because at the time, “gangs” were always in the news. “Gangs” were basically a code word for “blacks and hispanics in cities”. But the racism didn’t seem to go beyond everyday white racism until after the riots and then after the OJ Simpson trial a year later.

The OJ Simpson trial split white and black up pretty strongly. He won, causing a lot of black people to cheer and a lot of white people to complain. So, that might have fed into a division as well.

No idea really. Its weird how in the USA, politics and racism are tied together. Religion is often tied into it as well. I’m still trying to figure it out. Whole thing is weird to me.\


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