I try to be careful of what I consider factual, especially with studies.

Well, I think they wanted to get an authoritative answer. The percentages were lower than what I usually see on Memes – quite a lot lower in fact – so that was interesting.

The whole “science and religion can’t mix” thing is a holdover from the 19th century thing anyway. It got resurrected in the late 90s and blossomed into a movement.

But at least here it shows some numbers that tones it down a little. That’s not to say I wouldn’t be equally skeptical of this study as I would any other.

I’d need to see who funded the study and all that stuff, especially if I like the results. I try to be more critical of what I agree with.

But it was interesting enough to share in any case but tomorrow I’ll look into it and see if I still want to keep this up or not. I try to be careful of what I consider factual, especially with studies.

But the numbers seemed to jive with what I already thought, so i don’t expect issues. Never know though – that’s why I enjoy research.


true enough smile emoticon I just like real-world puzzles and being a contrarian – that’s why I like research.

I suppose in my case… hm, that’s a good question. Am I trying to prove that I’m right about something?

I guess – I guess what I try to find is ways to tone down hyperbole.


I’m a bit of a hippie-dippie peacenik at heart. I want to see people getting along.


Thanks Jay. I have hope for humanity. I mean, we’ll all be dead in the end and plastic will take over or we’ll turn the earth inside out, but ’til then, I figure our lives are temporary enough as it is so might as well get along.



George was one of my childhood heroes for sure. Formed a lot of my philosophy. Just mashup George Carlin + Mr. Rogers and you got me, more or less.

I expect fighting though. I expect to be wrong most of the time. I expect to be misunderstood. I expect to have to explain myself 77 different ways before someone ‘gets’ what I’m talking about, because I’m not as good at communication as I ought to be.

So, I keep working at it. I enjoy the challenge.

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