I treat calcium and magnesium as opposites.

love magnesium. Big fan. With such a calcium push in the USA, and not eating as much salad as I want. [I like salad], I take magnesium a few times a week just to keep in balance.

I don’t worry about potassium so much as that shows up in foods that try to lower sodium content a lot. But magnesium deficiency, I believe, is a strong source of sudden death by heart attack along with an excess of calcium.

[I treat them as opposites, as calcium tends to constrict or tighten and magnesium tends to relax, even though they’re not strictly opposites in every way]


I do the same with zinc/copper. Zinc=male, copper=female. (zinc leads to testosterone, copper leads to estrogen). As I drink a lot of coffee (source of copper), I balance it out with zinc a few times a week. I don’t know a lot of strong sources of zinc outside of pumpkin seeds, but thankfully zinc tablets are really cheap smile emoticon .

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