I track down quotes so much I feel like ‘Speaker for the Dead”

Yup – and everybody loves to claim him for their very own. smile emoticon That’s why I checked and checked and checked, because it’s VERY RARE to find a quote from somebody that ISN’T fabricated smile emoticon

Wrong Tesla quotes got me so annoyed once, that I found a collection of his writings in a book that someone put together in 1984, found a copy of it online (illegally – oh well), ran it through an OCR, and put it in a text file so I could search it.

Why? Well, because it looks like either nobody except him did that, or I just can’t find someone else who did.

Everything else is autobiographies ghostwritten that he signed (not his words, even if he signed off on them) and more commonly, people rewriting his words.

I track down quotes so much I feel like ‘Speaker for the Dead” sometimes smile emoticon I’m.. a bit anal about that stuff tongue emoticon


and yeah – Einstein had his own ideas which is what I love about the man. He wasn’t Mr. Perfect or Mr Wonderful but he loved the spotlight and loved having something to say. Definitely a character.

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